Students as Interns at House Of Brands . HOB offices


We love sharing our knowledge and experiences investing on the new generation of potential Marketers and Designers; therefore we are proud to welcome interns at House Of Brands. HOB offices.

Due to our cooperation with Cyprus University of Technology, during June 2018 we happily trained university’s students regarding all HOB’s services and processes.


Students were taught the importance of content management, the impact of social media on sales, the necessity of creative art direction and the most important… the value of R&D [ Research & Development ].

Passing through knowledge of online researching, competition and content analysis, interns were shown how a correct marketing campaign can lead to business growth.

Additionally, interns assisted on filing and data recording of contacts, associates and clients, underlining the importance of data and networking.

The new era of students inspired our team and we will continue keeping our doors open for interns. You are welcomed to our House of Brands . HOB to feel homey with us.
Let us shape the future of social sphere together!

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